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Maltsev Aleksandr

Maltsev Aleksandr

Physics and Metallurgy faculty

Processing of metals with pressure department

Speciality: Processing of metals with pressure

Theme of master's work:

Development and research of the deformed bars rolling-slitting process in the mill 390 conditions of JSC MMP and give its realization recommendations

Scientific adviser: Konovalov Yuriy

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      I, Maltsev Alexandr, was born in Makeevka, Donetsk region, on the second of April 1989. My parents: Nelia, Alexandr. At preschool age I was interested in mathematics, physics and automobiles.
      In 1996 I went to the secondary school 21 in Makeevka, Donetsk region. I did well at school and often took part in the ongoing competitions in mathematics and physics, took prize-winning places. In high school I was also fond of literature and English.
       In 2006 I entered the Donetsk National Technical University, Physics and Metallurgy department, Metal Forming specialization. The choice of this university and profession was made thanks to my parents. Over a period of my four-years studying I had thorough English course and as a result I received a certificate confirming the Upper-Intermediate level knowing of English. At the end of the third course I began research work on the topic: "Analysis and ways multilane rolling-splitting".
       The choice of this theme was not random and was made under the basis that fact that the main directions of the global ferrous metallurgy continue to be improving quality and reducing cost of products. Thereby, the operating metallurgical enterprises are working to improve equipment and technological process to improve their competitiveness by means of reducing costs and expanding product mix. One of the promising ways how to improve and intensify the process of flat-and-edge rolling and bar production is the usage of rolling-splitting process. Also on this subject was published an article in the DonNTU scientific and technical collection. At the end I received a bachelor's degree with honors.
       Metal forming, computer data processing and mathematical modeling subjects were of special interest for me. Desire for detailed study of these subjects and more thorough investigation of my research work were the main factors that influenced on my decision to enter to the graduate school.
       During the fifth year of my studying, I have been working on the calibration development and the deformed bars rolling–splitting modes 16, 18, 20 in the mill 390 JSC MMP. On this topic has been protected pregraduation project.
       Graduate studies give me an opportunity of deep understanding of the need for further development and improvement of my personal and professional qualities. The rapid development of science and computer technology in the field of metallurgy requires highly skilled specialists to meet the requirements of reality. So my first priority is to apply my skills and knowledge, acquired during training in DonNTU in practice and my future plans - to achieve maximum professional success and career growth in this area.

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